Our services include pruning, cleaning of crown, removal of tree and root growth, repair of damage, clearing of fallen tree, repair of turf, guying/ staking, mulching, top dressing, pest control treatment, etc. If you require tree cutting in Singapore or if your trees require attention, come to us and we will provide you with TreeCare+!


1. Tree Cutting

We dig up the tree by cutting it below the root ball or the bud zone.The soil is
broken up in a wide area in the depth of the root ball with a shovel. The roots are removed
till the bud zone and the rest is left in the soil for decay.


2. Tree Pruning

This procedure is used to maintain trees. Pruning is done to cut out the extra,
dead or dying branches, removing branches to increase penetration of light and air, or to
reduce the size of the tree. It is also done so that trees develop a desirable form and


3. Tree Transplanting

Digging up the tree and planting it in other location safely. The process
involves digging up the tree to be moved, digging a new hole, moving the tree to the new
hole, positioning and filling the hole.


4. Tree Crown Cleaning

In order to reduce the failure of trees crown cleaning is done. It is to
remove the broken dead or hanging branches. To protect the trees and prevent any decay
tree crown cleaning is done.


5. Tree Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is done to allow more penetration of light without
changing the shape and size of the tree. It is removal of branches which are weakly attached
or interfere, cross or are parallel to other branches.


6. Tree Crown Raising

This is not done for health reason but for aesthetic or for convenience
for building, vehicles etc. It is just removal of lower branches of the tree.


7. Tree Crown Reduction

Reduction–When a tree has grown larger from the permitted space the trees
outer branches are cut. It is one of the difficult tasks for climbers because they need to climb
further out but we have highly trained climbers.


8. Tree Pollarding

It is to remove the upper branches of the tree leaving the trunk to prevent
it from outgrowing. It reduces the shade that a tree casts and is necessary if the tree is
obstructing electric wires above.


9.Visual Tree Assessment

Inspecting the tree for any for any hazardous symptoms or
likelihood of failure. The health of the tree is assessed on ground level visually. The
branches, trunks, root or even site condition is checked.


10.Visual Tree Assessment (Aerial)

This inspection is done through lorry crane bucket. Trees
health is assessed and the condition of the site.


11.Construction Assessment

Observing and assessing the health of the tree based of the
defects, condition of site and growth of the tree. Also to evaluate and analyse the effect on
trees due to construction work.


12.Design Clerance

This is to protect the existing trees until the design is cleared. Also, to
assist and clear out the project with architectures.


13.Root Exploratory Assessment

Construction work causes damage to the roots of the trees by
eroding the soil. Rating and recommendation provided based on the analysis of the impact
on the trees.


14.Transplanting Assessment

After safely transplanting the tree the health of the tree. The
method used in transplanting and the equipment or the resources used.


15.Mitigation Report

To eliminate or reduce the risk to the trees. Provide and record a
measure and treatment for the trees.


16.IML RESI PD Test Report

It is to check the wood quality by measuring the resistance of the
drill needle. To check and indicate any internal decay or damage in the tree which is not
visible outside.


17.Tomograph Report

It is to measure the thickness of the residual wall and internal wood
density. To check any hidden defects or cavity in the tree. This tool measures the velocity of
sound waves that travel through the tree and then assesses the risk.


18.Monthly Report

Monthly recording the health of the trees. Generally around the
construction areas. To provide recommendations, cure or any precaution to maintain the
health of the tree.


19.Take over report

Health condition of the trees are recorded. Monitoring the overall
condition and providing any recommendations required.


20.Handover report

Reports are prepared based on the condition of the trees. Provide for
curative measures in case wherever required.


21.Site supervision

Managing and administering the condition of the site. Arborist, a tree
surgeon for the health of the tree.


22.Site meeting

Attend meetings related to the study on trees, vines or woody plants.
Gathering information related to the growth of the trees and how they respond to cultural


23.Trees Survey

Taking surveys and keeping a record of the number of trees on site.